3 09 2008

hey cowboys own here i am just checkin the site.i will do it every week. i am so glad i gabe the blog to bubi.

cowboys own


Penguin Game On!

22 08 2008

Hi penguins ❗ As you can see, If you log on in CP, There will be so much going on ❗ Which is the Penguin Games ❗ πŸ˜†

First, Lets go to the free items, The free items are the FACE PAINTS ❗

β€’The Red Face Paint can be found in the Coffee Shop

β€’The Blue Face Paint can be found in the Pizza Parlor

Now for the first penguin game is “The Marathon”, You have to run up to Ski Village up to the Cove BY waddling ❗ πŸ˜† , You should also stop in the lights so Gary will know that you finish a race or an amount of miles you waddled

Ok, Go to the Ski Village, Step on the place where the number is pointing to…

Ski Village To The Beach

Beach To The Dock

Dock To The Town

Town To The Snow Forts

Snow Forts To The Plaza

Plaza To The Forest

Forest To The Cove

Now you have finish the first Penguin Game ❗ Now a box will appear, It will tell you that you have finish 1 over 3, Now go to the Iceberg, The Game there is “Three Laps Race”, Go in circles in the track in three laps, Follow the pattern in the picture below

Now that you have finish the Three Lap Race, Go to the POOL or CAVE, Go to the red circle then to the blue, Repeat it until you win πŸ˜† Its called “Freestyle Swim” ❗ πŸ˜†

You have finish the Penguin Game ❗ Now the box will appear, The “Claim Prize” Option will be open for you ❗

Click it to get the reward you have earned from your sweating, The Gold Medal ❗ :mrgreen:

As you also notice, The ice rink has been split into half, Hockey and the Penguin Stadium

The Hockey is the one that can be seen by Non-members and Members, Here is the picture of it:

The Penguin Stadium is the one that can be seen only with members, Here is a picture of it: (PS: I tackled my way inside the Stadium)

Thats all for the event ❗ I hope you will get the reward ❗

-Mark out ~_~


20 08 2008

Hello Everyone and welcome to the future of websites. Im graser3 and i am here to tell all of you that our new GRASER TV WEBSITE is now open!!!!!

It has tons of cool new pages and fun for everyone, so come on down and enjoy the fun.



Good Bye Rockhopper!

19 08 2008

Hiya penguins ❗ Rockhopper is sailing again, You can see the Migrator Ship in the telescope in the beacon…

-Mark out ~_~

Hi Everyone!

19 08 2008

Hi guys ❗ Im Mark Inciong, You can call me Mark, I will continue cowboys own site so it will be going good ❗ I always go on at server Wool Socks and Snow Drift, My penguin name is Mark Inciong, Mark Ernest, Medabots and Global World, So if you see me, Go near me and make a puffle emoticon so i would know you visit this site ❗ oh and my site is http://inciong.wordpress.com πŸ˜€ So yeah, C’ya ❗ ❗ ❗

-Mark out ~_~

leaving bloging

18 08 2008

hey this is cowboys own and i am i have an inportant message. i will be quiting bloging forever.i might come back but i dought it.i will not delet this blog forever just in case.i am giving the blog to bubi.


wadling off,

cowboys own

the real cause of the flood

9 08 2008

http://img299.imageshack.us/my.php?image=floodhz6.pngΒ  that is how the pool got flooded. πŸ™‚